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Buyer’s Inspection

Our buyer’s home inspections are completely comprehensive. We will accompany you through a walkthrough and inspection of the home you’re interested in buying, and assess its condition using our multi-point home inspection checklist.

Home Exterior

Seller’s Inspections

If you are listing your home on the market and would like to have its condition assessed beforehand, 415 Property Services is here to help. Our pre-listing home inspections include the same services as our buyer’s home inspections. Many such concerns and questions are on the mind of the potential buyers. With an inspection report on hand, you can increase the buyers’ confidence that they will not have to face any major surprises.

Home Sellers

Radon Testing

Radon is colorless, odorless, and extremely carcinogenic (cancer-causing). It can affect homes anywhere in the US, and the only way to check for elevated levels of radon in your home is with testing. Home tests are available, but we recommend professional testing for peace of mind.


Mold Inspection

If you suspect mold in your home, we’re here to help. We use the latest lab tests and analysis to detect hidden mold that may be in crawl spaces, between walls, and in other such areas of your home, to ensure you and your family are safe from mold infestations.

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Let us make the closing process a lot easier to navigate! Our team of certified home inspectors can be a true ally in helping you make the right decision for the future. Bring us in, and we’ll put your worries to rest.

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What makes 415 Property Services the best choice for your home inspection services in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sierra Foothills?

Whether you’re buying, selling, or just maintaining your home, 415 Property Services is the best choice. We truly do things differently. We believe in delivering the best possible service to our customers.

We know that your home is typically the largest investment that you’ll ever make. No stone is left unturned during the inspection process and we will provide you with a comprehensive report about the condition of the home you’re interested in purchasing. This will provide you the information you need to  feel comfortable with such an important investment.

With a comprehensive home inspection report from 415 Property Services, you’ll have peace of mind when you close on a home and you can be sure that we’ve uncovered any serious flaws or repairs that may need to be brought to the attention of the seller.  You and your Realtor can rest assured that you’re negotiating with full knowledge of the property and it’s components.